HLT  provides a complete and versatile fleet of equipment for rental, which can be applied either into many different underground projects.

The BSP DX hydraulic hammers, mounts directly to the excavators bucket linkage and the attachment allows for fast erection from horizontal transport position to a vertical plumb working position. The DX model is designed to drive small Sheet piles, H and I beams, Concrete piles, and Wooden piles.



• Ram: 1.5 to 2.5 T

• Maximum Impact Energy: 20 to 30 kNm


Types of Piles:


• Arcelor AZ and AU 14

• LX, PU, ​​and W

• Hoesch H1200 to H3600, beams 'H', HP260 to HP400

• USA HP10" to HP16"

• Tubes up to 406 mm


Excavators requirement: 30t to 35t


HLT Equipamentos Especiais can provide a complete range of Vibrodrivers that are specifically designed to be mounted directly on the stick of a wide range of excavators. PTC excavator mounted Vibrodrivers allow to easily drive or extract a variety of profiles, such as: sheet piles, H beams, casings, concrete piles and wooden piles.



• Eccentric moment: 1-15;

• Centrifugal force: 70-591 kN;

• A wide range of clamping heads to match the diversity of profile forms and sizes.


RIC units can be supplied with drop-weights of 5, 7, 9, 12 and 16 tonnes. Depending on the size of excavator used, the soil type and moisture content. The treatment is effective in the top layers typically up to 6m depth, though improvements up to 10m have been seen in some conditions. The drop-weight is dropped onto a special foot assembly 40-60 times a minute. The foot remains in contact with the ground at all times making RIC a safe controlled compaction technique.




• Ram: 5 to 12 T

• Maximum Impact Energy: 60 to 180 kNm

• Excavators requirement: 35t to 85t


Advantages of using the equipment:


• The equipment is fully controlled by the excavator´s cabin interior

• The impact is performed directly on the soil eliminating the risk of sweepings displacement

• The equipment is mounted on standard excavators, and can be mobilized minutes after his arrival at the job site


PTC produces two models of stone columns equipment to be operated by excavators, one with bottom feed system and other top feed system, that are selected in function of the job site requirements. An auxiliary excavator on the job site makes the stone feeding in both the cases; the two models of equipment can also work on the installation of the sand drains. 



• Eccentric moment: 1.8 to 4

• Centrifugal force: 181-258 kN


This PTC model can be driven by an excavator to do the vibro-compaction of the soft soils and embankment areas. They are easily adapted and can be utilized with or without the support of an external water pump system.



• Eccentric moment:

• Centrifugal force: 145 kN

Aliva equipment is known for superior quality and functionality of its machines. Aside the rotor machines, double piston pump and spaying systems for shotcrete on the construction industry, Aliva is one of the leading producers of equipment for special equipment for TBM’s.


  • Rotor machines (for dry and wet mixes)

  • Concrete Pump with double piston

  • Shotcrete unit for pressure silo

  • Liquid dosing units

  • Telescopic spraying arm

  • Spray head for excavators

       Telescope Spraying systems


Antraquip transverse cutters are hydraulic attachments for excavators (and other hydraulic carriers) designed for a wide variety of applications in the construction, mining, and tunneling sectors.  Models are available to fit onto carriers ranging from 1-150 tons.



  • Most reliable and robust design utilizing powerful hydraulic motor and spur gears to endure heavy duty applications including cutting of hard rock and reinforced concrete;

  • Various displacement options available (and easily interchangeable) for each motor to match any excavator and application perfectly;

  • Aggressive cutter bit lacing pattern to maximize production


  • Low vibration and low noise compared to conventional

excavation tools.


Antraquip offers carbide and diamond rock saw attachments for excavators of all sizes for various applications. Carbide saws offer a rock cutting solution for soft to medium hard rock with a minimum width of roughly 4 inches (100mm) while the Diamond Saw offers a solution for the cutting hard rock that other methods of mechanized cutting can simply not handle. The AQD series can cut the hardest of rock including granite, basalt etc. as well as reinforced concrete.



  • Earthmoving;

  • Trenching;

  • Rock Excavation;

  • Demolition;

  • Mining;

  • Quarrying;

  • Landscaping.




• Dynamic brake;

• Bi-directional Cutting;

• Compact size;

• Single or twin blade configuration;

• Water nozzles for blade cooling;

• Short body length;

• Strong light construction;

• Fast blade rotation;

• High quality blades and cutting stones;

• Servicability.