HLT represents traditional European companies that value the quality, versatility and efficiency of their equipment, and can disseminate these values in the different countries in which they are present, especially in the demanding European market. The tailor-made equipment we offer are included on the following groups: operation and maintenance.


Zwiehoff is a reference in high quality handling equipment. It manufactures products with greater flexibility and low maintenance cost. It has proven reference in all working conditions.


• Shunters (electric and diesel shunter: 250t – 4.000t);

• Multifunction Vehicles;

• Road/Rail trailer;

• Weighing of vehicles through tracks.


Aquafrisch develops efficient washing plants adapted to the particular specifications of each client. Their plants include all the necessary adaptations, as much for the location, as for the type of trains and the washing programs.

In addition, they have the most advanced control systems on the market. Aquafrisch develop programs of easy learning, with the possibility of Internet connection and centralized control systems (SCADA, CBTC, MMS, or similar).

Their wash plant also includes systems for water recycling. These systems enable the reuse of water in the first steps of the washing process, which maintains the philosophy of respect for the environment.



• Stationary or Mobile Washing Plants


The bogie washing equipment from Aquafrisch includes features similar to the train wash plants. Outdoor, indoors and with different degrees of automation.



• Bogie Wash Plants


WC extraction equipment from Aquafrisch is designed to enable simple, fast and safe drains. In addition, equipment for cleaning and loading biocides can be designed.

On top of that, the water recycling equipment is included in their Wash Plants, on the one hand, to reduce water consumption, and on the other hand, to pour effluents according to the standards of environmental regulations.


• Train Toilet Extraction (CET)

• Internal Rail Tank

• Water recycling equipment


The German company Hegenscheidt MFD is a pioneer in the development and supply of machines and systems wheelset machining of the rolling stock, and is recognized worldwide as a leader in the segment. It offers solutions for different types of rolling stock and can be installed both in fixed or mobile mode.



• Underfloor wheelset lathes: U2000-150 / U2000-400 (180 / 400 kN of axle load)

• Mobiturn® 2: Mobile lathe wheelset

• Portal wheelset lathes: PN190 / 165 CNC

• ARGUS II: Automatic wheelset diagnostics system


Geminis, a Spanish company of the Goratu group, has more than 60 years of experience and accumulates knowledge of different sectors such as Wind Energy and Naval Construction. They are focused on constant development and the field of research.

As main objectives, we can highlight the dimension, the precision and the technology in multiprocesses.


• GB3/R (vertical lathe – wheel);

• GT5/R (horizontal lathe  – axle);

• GT7/R (horizontal lathe  – wheelset);

• GV8/R (vertical lathe – wheel).



IVM develops monitoring and diagnostic systems for the railway industry. The main focus of IVM´s products is the measurement of what happens at the wheel-rail interface.

IVM is continuously developing solutions for analyzing this interaction in both static and dynamic conditions by exploiting cutting-edge technologies.




• Powerve: a portable and innovative system to determine the actual weight transferred from each wheel to the rail.